Peter Jones

Stafford Borough Councillor for Eccleshall Ward email:
Updated 28th November 2019

Peter Jones, 25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB

01785 851381 / 07815 419166

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During my Mayoral year my charity appeal raised over £10,600 which was divided between local charities.

Although a relatively new member to the Council I was selected by the members of the Conservative Group of Councillors to stand as the Mayor designate and eventually elected by the full Council to serve as the Mayor from May 2015 to May 2016.

It is an honour which can only be achieved once in any Stafford Borough Councillor's life since you can only be the Mayor once. You are able to be the deputy mayor many times but only once as Mayor.

There is no training to be Mayor and along with my wife Joy who became the Mayoress we were supported by the mayoralty team. Who assist you with preparations during the year.

The Mayor has a secretary whom he shares with the Chief Executive and Council Leader, two chauffeurs, one of whom is the Mayor's Sergeant for civic occasions and an assistant secretary.

Luckily for the Mayor and Mayoress the team have all been through the many events which are attended by the Mayor many times and know the form.

On average a Mayor will attend anything from 300 to 600 events during his year ranging from opening garden fetes to opening the Courts. The history of the mayoralty in Stafford goes back over 400 years and is worth a read.


Me in the formal robes of the Mayor which are not needed often except for formal occasions. The opening of the courts, Remembrance Sunday,  chairing the Council meetings etc. Usually the Mayor wears a smaller piece of jewellery referred to as ‘Day Wear’.

Behind every successful man so they say is a woman and in my case it was my Mayoress my wife Joy who was with me at 99% of the events we attended.

Mayor and Mayoress with Bobbies at the County Show.

Opening a refurbished Plumbits store in Stafford

Mayor with Hospice ladies

Mayor with the Great Mace

Mayor visiting Friars Terrace SARH new build site

Mayor & Mayoress in Stone Town Puppet parade