Peter Jones

Stafford Borough Councillor for Eccleshall Ward email:
26th September 2021

Peter Jones, 25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB

01785 851381 / 07815 419166

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As one of the two Borough Councillors for the Eccleshall ward Peter is able to speak on your behalf to officers of the Council regarding the many things that they are responsible for. A popular one is planning applications, your own and neighbours.

The Borough Council is responsible for Planning, Street Scene and Parking, Recreation and Open Spaces, Refuse collections, recycling and much more.

See the who is responsible for what page on this website click here.


Recently opened on the Sancerre Grange development was this play area especially designed for our younger children. It compliments the plays area for younger children on the other side of the estate.

Both area were delayed by the Covid restrictions to ensure our children's safety but are now being fully used.


Hidden away on Shaws Lane in Eccleshall is the Allotment Association’s 65 plot site.
Although it has been there for over 40 years the location of it is still a mystery to many residents.

The five acre site is owned by the Parish Council and is managed and operated by the Allotment Association.

Providing relaxation and good healthy exercise to residents  of varying backgrounds and allowing them to grow such a variety of produce, flowers, vegetables etc.

The site also includes plots specifically for less able gardeners and plots sponsored by different charity groups including the National Lottery.

Councillor Stuart Perren the council’s representative on the association, Ron Milne the association's chairman and Councillor Peter Jones the Council’s chairman.

The folk who look after a plot ranges from 80 year olds to youngsters and the success rate for growth varies along with the produce grown. If you fancy your chances get in touch with James for any available plots at a modest annual rent.

Contact Details: James Beeley is the association’s secretary who can be reached at

Grime Watch

If you have any information about the 'unsolved grimes' below email the Borough Council or call 01785 619402. All information will be treated in confidence.

If you know of fly tipping in your area you can report it by calling 01785 619402.


My next regular monthly surgeries will be on Saturday October 9th at the library between 10am and 12 noon.

Do pop in if only for a chat!

BiFOR Face Norbury Junction

If you are like me you never know if science is being used to help with a solution which we can all accept for Global Warming.

For mnay years we were unable to accept that such a danger exists and even denied its existence.

But no we know that the danger is eal and that we must all do something about it.

It never makes the news when scientists are doing something because it is not bad news which the nmedia thrives on.

On Friday September 10 a group of parish councillors and clerks visited the BiFOR Face project at Norbury Junction as the guests of Birmingham University.

The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research

If this has piqued your interest do visit the website at:

“The dynamic response of forests to environmental change, including climate change, is only partially understood. To increase understanding, we have built a Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiment, set in mature, unmanaged, temperate woodland.”

Professor Rob McKenzie

The BIFoR FACE facility will address the following fundamental questions regarding the ability of woodland to capture carbon dioxide:

Does elevated CO2 increase the carbon storage within a mature woodland ecosystem?

Do other macro- or micro-nutrients – i.e., nitrogen, phosphorus - limit the uptake of carbon in this ecosystem?

What aspects of bio diversity and ecosystem structure-and-function alter when the ecosystem is exposed to elevated CO2?

How can lessons from the global network of second-generation Forest FACE experiments be generalised to other woodlands and forests?

The FACE facility is intended to be a platform with which a wide variety of research questions can be tested. The research team at BIFoR FACE is drawn from leading research groups across the world, each bringing their distinctive research expertise to bear. Details of the University of Birmingham research team and further details of the  current research projects, including two NERC funded projects (QUINTUS & FACE Underground) can be accessed online.  Some examples of research collaborations underway can be found on the "Research here" page.

I was in the party along with Parish Councillor Ant Reid who visited the project and was impressed with the information we gained.