Peter Jones

Stafford Borough Councillor for Eccleshall Ward email:
 27th  September 2020

Peter Jones, 25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB

01785 851381 / 07815 419166

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Members of the Stafford Borough Council can be Mayor only once, but Councillors can be the Deputy Mayor often.

In 2018/2019 Eccleshall’s Borough Council Peter Jones and his wife Joy were elected to serve as Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress.

In 2019/2020 they were re-elected to serve again as Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress which set a new historical record, never before had a councillor served back to back terms as the Deputy Mayor.

At the Borough Council meeting held in the County Council chamber on Tuesday February 25 Peter was once again elected to serve as Deputy Mayor for a third term.

Peter and Joy are great believers in maintaining history and in supporting the Mayoralty and have endeavoured to support whoever was the mayor whilst in office.

The Borough Council has a four-year term in office between elections and the size of the political party’s representation on the council decides who will be the Mayor and Deputy Mayor with full council approval for one year from May to May.

In 2020/2021 it is the turn of a Labour Councillor to take on the reigns of the Mayor and once again Peter and Joy will be supporting Councillor Tony Nixon in his duties and activities in their Deputy Mayoral roles.

Councillor Nixon and Peter were to have been sworn in at a Mayor Making ceremony on Saturday May 16 2020 in the Gatehouse Theatre especially transformed for the meeting which is in fact a full council meeting. The ceremony has been carried out in May for over 400 years since the first Mayor of Stafford Councillor Matthew Craddock was sworn in.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the current mayor Councillor Gareth Jones and Deputy Mayor Peter Jones are continuing in post until it can be agreed when the new mayor is to be installed.


The Eccleshall Ward of the Stafford Borough Council includes Eccleshall Parish Council,Chebsey Parish Council, Adbaston Parish Council and Cotes Heath & Standon Parish Council.

Peter and his fellow Borough Councillor for the Eccleshall ward Jeremy Pert attend as many meetings of the four parish councils as they can.


Over 60 local residents form the core of the volunteers who operate the library since it has been set up as  a community managed site from the County Council.

The volunteers attend meetings and recently had social event their which was well attended. Peter and Joy are both on the list as occasional volunteers.

Recent announcements have allowed the local library to open under restrictions.

Face masks must be worn and borrowers mst follow the guidelines on display in the High Street building.

Our thanks to the many volunteers who are operating the library for us.


Local authorities and parish councils across the country are considering their responses to the governments proposed reforms to the planning process in this country.

The consultation document was issued by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and local Government

At a meeting of the Parish Forum held virtually on Thursday September 24 which I attended the Development Manager for Stafford Borough Council John Holmes was to say the least scathing of the proposals.

It would appear that the governments sole objective is to get more development done quickly and with the minimum amount of time allowed for local democratic consideration and influence.

It would appear to bad news for many of the developments that have been applied for and either abandoned or not given planning permission for could well apply again and with the new proposals get express permission.

It is a 45 page document with a deadline of October for responses.

I despair.


With the announcement that further months of restrictions comes the problems for businesses and residents.

We must all do our very best to protect ourselves and others from the risk of catching the Covid-19 virus.

It is still very real and worrying and we should not let down our guard.


Parish Councillor Ros Taylor has created a team of local volunteer including the footpaths marshals to pick up litter around the town.

Doing his bit is Peter Jones who was out litter picking recently.